Sunday, March 10, 2013

HRCM conducts its first Human Rights club session at Lale' Youth International School.


28 February 2013

HRCM has conducted an Information session for Human Rights Club students of Lale Youth International School.  These sessions gas given HRCM an opportunity to actively participate in the ongoing Human Rights Club activities in schools and provide information to students on various concepts of Human Rights. HRCM team welcomes the initiative taken by the club teachers to promote the Human Rights and for doing an excellent job in introducing basic concepts like non-discrimination and respect for others to students. In Lale Youth International School, Human Rights Club was introduced to students from primary grades (Grade 4 and 5).  From our discussions and the activities conducted, it was evident that they could easily relate to concepts  like valuing one’s self and others, tolerance and respecting differences to be fundamental bases of human Rights.  

One important aim of Human Rights clubs is to introduce Human Rights concepts in different stages for different age levels. Our approach to pre-school and primary levels mainly focuses on developing skills and values necessary to grow their understanding of what Human Rights are.  Children possess a wealth of knowledge about their world and the people in it. As far as possible, human rights learning should connect with and enlighten what children already know. For example, although they may not use words like justice, equality or discrimination,  most children have a strong sense of what is ‘fair’.

Once again we would like to thank Lale Youth International Schools Deputy principle Mr. Mahdy Shahid and Club teacher Ms. Izana Ibrahim Rasheed for the wonderful initiative and commend all Human Rights club students for their wonderful  creations.